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Securities law and securities arbitration are complex areas of the law. Disputes involving these concerns demand the attention of an attorney with an intimate knowledge and understanding of both securities arbitration and the securities industry. The Law Offices of Jeffrey A. Feldman, we have successfully brought litigation against a great number of prominent investment and brokerage firms, working with financial experts to build our clients' cases.

Nationally Recognized Success in Securities Litigation and Arbitration

San Francisco securities lawyer Jeffrey A. Feldman represents the interests of investors in California and throughout the United States in both securities arbitration and securities litigation related to investment losses caused by stockbroker or investment advisor misconduct.

As an attorney, Mr. Feldman has been handling securities claims since 1991. During this time, he has represented hundreds of clients throughout the country and recovered millions of dollars on their behalf. Mr. Feldman's track record in these cases is among the best in the country. As a result, Mr. Feldman has become nationally recognized among industry professionals and the media, including such outlets as the Wall Street Journal and the San Francisco Chronicle, for his expertise and work in this highly complex area of the law.

Have You Lost Money in the Stock Market or Other Investments?

In today's economic climate, the answer to this question is almost inevitably yes. However, if you have suffered investment losses as a result of stockbroker misconduct, bank broker-dealer misconduct, investment advisor misconduct, or other misconduct, you may be able to recover part or all of the hard-earned money you lost.

Protecting the Rights of Investors and Limiting the Reach of Wall Street

Securities law attorney Jeffrey Feldman protects the rights of individual investors, and is committed to doing what he can to limit Wall Street's penchant for trying to enrich itself at the expense of his clients. From our California law office, he represents clients who have suffered investment losses because of fraud, misrepresentation or omission, negligence, and other illegal conduct by financial professionals. Mr. Feldman has also represented investors from around the world with investment accounts based in the United States.

We Represent Clients Throughout the Country. Contact Us Today.

Whether your case involves a churned account in New York City, broker misconduct in San Francisco, the sale of bad annuities in Dallas, or a breach of fiduciary duty in Minneapolis, securities lawyer Jeffrey A. Feldman can provide you with the experienced and proven legal representation you need.

If you have been harmed by investment fraud or investment professional negligence, contact attorney Jeffrey A. Feldman in Northern California today. We would be happy to review your case in a free initial consultation.

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