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Broker Narinder Kaur Singh, Formerly With Farmers Financial Solutions, LLC, ProEquities, Inc. and Transamerica Financial Advisors, Allegedly Sold a Fraudulent Investment Contract to Retirement Age Clients

San Francisco, CA December 4, 2019 - The Law Offices Of Jeffrey A. Feldman filed a FINRA Arbitration claim on behalf of an elderly Arizona couple, alleging that financial adviser Narinder Kaur Singh ("Singh"), previously of Farmers Financial Solutions, LLC, ProEquities, Inc. and Transamerica Financial Advisers, recommended a fraudulent investment into a business controlled by Singh. The couple lost a substantial portion of their retirement funds after Singh allegedly sold them an unsuitable, non-conventional investment in a private company.

The couple, who were already long-time clients of Singh, sought her investment advice after they sold their home in California and moved to Arizona to enjoy a lower cost of living in retirement. The funds generated from the sale of their California home were going to be a significant portion of the retirement funds they would be living off of, and the couple sought Singh’s guidance to select a safe and secure investment.

According to the FINRA arbitration claim filed on behalf of the couple, Singh recommended a private "investment contract" in a company called Express Asset and Wealth Management, which she touted as a very safe investment that would pay 5% simple interest. At first the couple received regular interest payments. Later, when interest payments ceased, the couple found out their money had actually gone into a company called Express Auto Wholesale, allegedly controlled by Singh. Singh had the couple make their checks out to Express A. W., so that they could be deposited into the account of Express Auto Wholesale, while maintaining the fiction that the money was going into an investment with the more legitimate sounding name of Express Asset and Wealth Management. More information about the Law Offices of Jeffrey A. Feldman can be found at

Investigation of Broker Ronald J. Roach’s Involvement in Solar Generator Ponzi-scheme

San Francisco, CA December 4, 2019 - San Francisco securities attorney Jeffrey A. Feldman is currently investigating Ronald J. Roach relating to his involvement in a $1 billion dollar solar generator Ponzi-scheme. Mr. Roach, of Walnut Creek, California, was terminated as a registered representative of Securities America in October of this year, and Mr. Feldman is seeking to speak with Securities America clients of Mr. Roach who invested in the Ponzi-scheme.

If you have any information regarding Mr. Roach or the Ponzi-scheme in which he was involved, please contact attorney Jeffrey Feldman at 415-391-5555, or through his website,