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Stockbrokers and financial investment advisors are typically required to honor the wishes of their clients. As fiduciaries responsible for the management of their client’s financial situation, refusal or failure to act on instructions can be actionable. As a financial mismanagement lawyer, Jeffrey A. Feldman represents clients who have suffered financial loss due to a broker or financial advisor’s improper execution of orders. Typically, when financial agents fail to honor their client’s instructions, a financial motive may be involved. As your attorney, Mr. Feldman conducts his own investigation into the actions and decisions of brokers and financial advisors to determine if commission fees, bonus incentives, or other forms of financial reward explain why a broker failed to honor your directions. Mr. Feldman identifies conflicts of interest in the form of these and other financial incentives, demanding damages for his clients’ losses that occurred as a result.

If your stockbroker or financial investment advisor failed to act on your directions, complete an online contact form and schedule a free consultation to discuss your case.

Failure To Follow Directions

Jeffrey A. Feldman represents clients in cases involving the improper execution of orders on the part of stockbrokers and financial investment advisors involving the following:

  • Failure to buy or sell stock or options as instructed
  • Failure to place limit orders as instructed
  • Failure to consult client before performing a specific transaction

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Brokers and financial investment advisors have a fiduciary duty to their clients to act in their best interests and remain loyal to them. Failing to follow directions — especially when it results in economic loss — is typically actionable.

If you have suffered economic harm due to the actions of your broker or financial advisor in regard to an improper execution of orders, complete an online contact form.

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