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If your investments haven’t lived up to your expectations, you may have been the victim of nothing more than bad luck or bad timing. However, you may also have been the victim of bad financial advice or blatant misconduct on the part of your broker or investment advisor. Knowing which one is the case can be difficult.

If you have sustained serious investment losses, complete an online contact form for a free consultation. Common types of securities claims to consider in reviewing your account history include:

Suitability claims — at least 8 out of every 10 claims regard the investment of client funds into products that are not suitable for them, or an overall unsuitable investment plan

Improper sales practices

Fraud and misrepresentation — when you are told something materially false or material information is withheld in order to sell you an investment

Breach of fiduciary duty claims — these cases involve a failure to act in the clients’ best interests and misrepresentations or omissions of fact in disclosing various aspects and risks associated with certain investments

Improper execution claims — failing to follow client instructions regarding investments and trades

Account churning claims — excessive trading designed to rack up high commissions for the broker, advisor, or brokerage at the clients’ expense

Over-concentrating claims — failing to diversify or excessive investment in a particular class of securities or equities

Trading on margin — Using money borrowed against the value of your securities to buy additional investments can be very risky.

If you have questions about your investment advisor or stockbroker, San Francisco lawyer Jeffrey A. Feldman, will provide you with a free consultation and review your investment accounts to see whether any of these or other forms of improper conduct occurred.

Mr. Feldman represents the interests of individual investors throughout California and nationwide. As an attorney, he has been practicing almost exclusively in the area of securities law since 1991 and during this time, has personally helped to return millions of dollars to the victims of stockbroker and investment advisor misconduct across the country.

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