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Occasionally, a stockbroker or financial advisor will encourage the friends and acquaintances of a client to sign up for similar financial services through the brokerage firm he or she works for. After acquiring these additional clients, the broker or advisor then treats them as a single group, offering the same investment strategy to them all. As a result, investors do not receive the kind of personalized, individual attention necessary to protect them from unsuitable investments and financial loss. When deceptive sales practices and fraud are involved, investors can file a group arbitration action in order to recover losses under specific securities laws intended to protect consumers. As a broker misconduct lawyer, Jeffrey A. Feldman represents groups of investors in group arbitration matters involving stockbrokers and financial investment advisors.

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Group Arbitration — Building Your Case

In order to document malfeasance on the part of your broker or advisor, it’s important to gather as much documentation each of you has regarding your individual investment portfolios. By comparing what was done on your individual accounts, as well as when stock purchases or trades occurred, a pattern usually begins to emerge indicating breach of fiduciary responsibility on the part of your broker or financial advisor.

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