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Representation When Brokers Have Made Unsuitable Investments

Brokers and financial advisors are required to protect the financial interests of their clients. When creating a financial plan and investment strategy for a client, brokers and financial advisors should take into account the particular situation of an investor, their current needs, and their long-term goals. As such, what makes sense for a recently married couple in their 20s may not be advisable for someone facing retirement with two children in college. Jeffrey A. Feldman represents clients who have suffered financial loss due to unsuitable investment strategies instituted by brokers, financial advisors, and insurance agents. When people are encouraged to invest in high-risk schemes, purchase volatile stock, or participate in financial arrangements that devalue their savings or cause financial loss, Mr. Feldman works to hold brokers and financial advisors liable.

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Unsuitable Investment Strategies

Attorney Jeffrey A. Feldman represents clients who have suffered financial loss due to actions on the part of brokers or financial advisors in regard to the following:

  • Stock market
  • Hedge Funds
  • Variable annuities
  • Trading in options
  • 401k accounts
  • Variable life insurance
  • Employee stock options
  • Margins trading
  • Commodities speculation
  • IRAs
  • Mutual Funds

Determining When An Investment Strategy Is Unsuitable

Brokers and financial advisors owe a fiduciary duty to their clients. As a result, they cannot engage in behavior that places their own personal financial interests above those of their clients. In investigating unsuitable investment strategies, Mr. Feldman not only evaluates whether or not a particular trade or recommendation made sense for a client, but whether an ulterior financial motive was also involved.

Often, the commission paid to a broker or advisor is substantially higher when high-risk financial products or investments are involved. As your lawyer, Mr. Feldman exposes hidden commissions and fees that are often at the root of unsuitable investments. Mr. Feldman also consults financial experts in rigorously analyzing the investment advice and actions of brokers and advisors. He provides in-depth analyses of his client’s financial situation, explaining why particular investments are unsuitable and demanding compensation for losses suffered as a result.

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Unsuitable investments can jeopardize — even destroy — your financial security and future. While brokers and financial advisors are quick to deny wrongdoing, Mr. Feldman has the experience and resources needed to expose financial mismanagement and malfeasance on the part of financial advisors and brokers.

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