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When there is no securities arbitration clause to prevent it, filing in court can provide investors with an option to pursue claims and obtain remedies for securities-related misconduct. If you feel that and are unsure about your legal options, complete an online contact form.

As a securities fraud litigation attorney handling these kinds of cases since 1991, Mr. Feldman represents clients in securities litigation in the state and federal courts of California and throughout the nation. He has been nationally recognized for his expertise and experience in the area of securities law and can successfully protect your rights as an investor in litigation involving:

  • High-pressure sales tactics (‘pump and dump’ schemes)
  • Private placements
  • Fraud and misrepresentation
  • Investment unsuitability
  • Retirement accounts
  • Stock options and bad advice
  • 72t misrepresentations
  • Variable annuities fraud
  • Failure to diversify and over-concentration
  • Improper executions
  • Selling away, where the broker sells investments to you without his firm’s knowledge

These and other securities violations are extremely serious and when litigation is an option, they demand a direct and aggressive approach in court. Mr. Feldman takes just such an approach and utilizes his considerable experience and intimate knowledge of the industry, along with a network of industry financial experts to establish his clients’ claims in court and obtain full and fair compensation for them.

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